Recruiting Bonuses with 2020 Realty.


Bonus for Recruiting Agents

We pay you bonus even on agents you did not recruit. Your down pipeline of getting bonuses continues from the agents you brought on board.


recruit agents to join 2020 Realty, Inc
recruit agents to join 2020 Realty, Inc get bonus


refer agents to join 2020 Realty. Inc get bonus


recruit agents to join 2020 Realty, Inc bonus for referral


Let’s assume that each agent closes 6 deals a year on average

JD gets compensated as such:

1st tier of agents he recruites is $100 per closing, the next 2 tiers down JD gets $25 each closing for those agents that were recruited by his agents he personally recruited.

JDs Personal Tier 1
agents he recruited$1,800

  • $100.00 per closed transaction
  • 3 agents
  • 6 closing each
  • 18 bonus checks
  • $75 per check

JDs Down Tier 2
his agents recruited$1,350

  • $25.00 per closed transaction
  • 9 agents
  • 6 closing each
  • 54 bonus checks
  • $25 per check

JDs Down Tier 3
his agents recruited$4,050

  • $25.00 per closed transaction
  • 27 agents
  • 6 closing each
  • 162 bonus checks
  • $25 per check


2020 Realty, Inc. California Agent Referral Bonus

It is simple; when the agent you referred uses both our in-houses services for Transaction Coordinations and Escrow, we pay you an additional 50% on each tier.

That means, instead of $100, it would be $150 for top tier 1, and the down-line would for tier 2 and tier 3 would be paid at $37.50 each closing.

No one believes more in our agents and rewarding them for their business and agent referrals. We strive to beat our competition and their programs. When the agent you recruited signs up, all they have to do is put your name down as the referral source in the “Referred by” area of the application. It’s that EASY! The bonus will automatically be paid on every transaction that falls under your umbrella tiers at the end of each month.

All the fine print is in the contract addendum for Recruiting Bonuses and can be accessed here.

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