100% Commission we pay all of it to you!

100% Commission

We Pay All Of It To You!

  • Stop Giving Away Your Money and Start Putting Your Commissions In Your Pocket!
  • Low Flat Fee Per Closing
  • Keep Your Existing Relationships
  • Partner with a Brand that has an Outstanding Reputation for Excellence


Broker Support It Is Our Priority

Broker Support

It Is Our Priority

We started this company because we know real estate better than anyone else and understand how important it is to enable our agents.
Our top priority is to be a positive extention and provide a solid foundation for your business.
Give us a call... We GUARANTEE you will be happy that you did! (of course it is confidential)


Flat Fee Real Estate Company


It is important to cut through all of the marketing clutter in order to determine your true, bottom-line earnings. Many companies claim to pay 100% commissions when in reality you are “nickel and dimed to death” with their overpriced services. Ask yourself, “Who is actually profiting most in this relationship?” Compare apples to apples. Our company does not play games with our valued associates and clearly states everything upfront and in writing. You will know exactly what to expect and how you will profit!

100 Percent Real Commission Real Estate Company


You are known by the company you keep; and 2020 Realty. is the right company to keep. We have been in your shoes, pounded the pavement and built our highly successful business from the ground up. With over 20 years of experience we possess extensive knowledge of the real estate profession, mortgage industry, results-oriented marketing processes and modern, state-of-the-art technology. All you need to bring to the table is a strong desire to achieve success and we will supply everything else.

100% commission paid fast, flat fee broker, California


Successful agents are entrepreneurs who “own” their businesses. They don’t need to be “motivated” to make things happen. They have no need for time-consuming in-office meetings or for taking up-desk time. They just want the right company affiliation, support, tools and training to help them get the job done and maintain success. Even though dedicated workers, they enjoy success on their own terms, and we respect that. We simply require 100% compliance with company policies and California real estate laws.


Top producers take advantage of top training in order to be ahead of their game. And we provide plenty of powerful webinars and valuable resources to deliver exactly what they want and need. Our experienced instructors teach real-world strategies for successful marketing, blogging, social networking and posting ads. It is all about your success and supplying the appropriate tools and training to make it happen!

2020 Realty.

Real Estate Company paying 100% Commission

2020 Realty. is a multi-faceted, high-tech real estate company and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to assuring the success of our agents. We offer a flat fee program giving them 100% of their hard-earned money. Why not keep it all instead of paying traditionally high commission splits? Not to be mistaken for one of those discount brokerage firms, our full-service brokerage company provides our clients with exceptional service and benefits. We have scores of top-producing websites and resources to supply you with plenty of high quality leads, along with the technology and connections to expose your listings on literally thousands of popular websites. We will greatly enhance your professional and marketing image by supplying the very best training, tools and resources, enabling you to walk away from a listing appointment with a contract in hand 99% of the time!

Our virtual real estate company is on the leading edge of the wave of the future. Set aside some time now to browse our site and determine if you would like to ride along on the crest of this wave. We have provided ample resources for you to become educated about what we can offer you in a “21st Century” Real Estate career and to be able to make a confident, informed decision. Compare all of this to your current situation and look closely at your bottom line. If you have what it takes, we have what you need, and look forward to working with you. Are you ready for a positive change?

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